Workshop: "Asymmetric Beats, Asymmetric Dances" by Levent Soy

Asymmetric beats are common in Anatolia, so are the dances that base on such beats. The workshops aims to introduce some of the most common asymmetric beats (5/8, 7/8, 9/8). The participants first learn how to read and then feel the movement led by these beats. Then, the traditional dance forms like Semah, Horo, Horon, and Romani dances, etc from Anatolia and Thrace help them to develop a better sense of the asymmetric dances.


Levent Soy and Ömer Ongun are collecting, choreographing and practicing Anatolian and Balkan dances in bgstdancers. They also practice in body percussion for severel years. 


The workshop date will be announced at this page. You can participate, and can fill and send the application form below. 

The map can be found in our contact page.


Duration is 2 hrs.